The organization to the Tennis court of EUC will be based in the most recently Technical Regulation of International Tennis Federation (ITF). Depending on the number of teams and avalaibles courts. Also the rule of United States Tennis Asociation USTA (8 (ocho) of the adjusting point pro) could be used.


 Team Tournaments:

  • one (1) men´s tournaments, maximum of sixteen (16) teams, 
  • one (1) women´s tournaments, maximum of sixteen (16) teams.

Each tie will include two (2) singles and one (1) doubles match.




22th of July 2017

SCAC meeting, arrivals

23th of July 2017

General Technical Meeting / Opening Ceremony


24th of July 2017

Competition day – Group stage

25th of Juy 2017

Competition day – Group stage

26th of July 2017

Competition day – Group stage

27th of July 2017


28th of July 2017


29th of July 2017

Finals, Closing Ceremony

30th of July 2017







The University Sports Club in Villafranca Camp is an unique concept in university sport facilities. Located in a privileged place, the club offers to the students the opportunity to enojy a lot of outside activities.


The club occupies ten acres of green space where different activities can be practiced and to improve health. The club has different classes that monitors supervise. Also It has areas to improve the physic aptitude  and body tonification. For example gymnasium, massages, saunas, and conditionned swimming pool.


In summary, UCJC has higher sport facilities, bests personal trainers and fitness exercise to healthy mind in a healthy body.


The facilities include:

• Five fast tennis court and four tennis court covered with resin.

• Four walls padel court

• One glass padel court

• One squash court

• UCJC Sport Gymnasium

• Aerobic room

• Multipurpose room

• One conditionned swimming pool

• Seven football fields

• Equestrian facilities

• Pitch and Putt golf course

• Sauna


Sports include: Golf, riding, football, swimming, tennis, padel, aerobic, zumba, pilates, gymnastics clases, yoga and ballet.



We can guarantee that  the Organizing Committe would do all the possible one,  along with the Football National Federation to obtain the best facilities and the best work team. As It happened in all previous championship, We are going to fulfill all ELISA requeriments with the purpose of being succesful in the event.